Our Mission


We are motivated teenagers who believe that cyber security is achieved when all the stakeholders participate in cyber awareness and follow the best practices when online. The purpose of this campaign to establish a culture of cyber security among young adults and educate them on to be safe online. 


Mission : Our mission is to educate young adults  by creating awareness among themselves and in the community by their  peers about Internet safety and providing tools and knowledge to enable to do more online safely and securely.

Vision: Safe Teens Online is a coordinated effort to enlist motivated teenagers to work as ambassadors to create awareness about online security and safety in their communities inline with various National cyber security awareness programs. 


Our Story

Safeteens Online was started to bridge a gap in cybersecurity practices among young adults. There are numerous incidents where human errors lead to significant cybersecurity breaches and impacted their confidence in the system. The systems on the other side did not do too well in understanding the behaviors and creating systems that are social and ease the hurdles.


Vineeth Veeramachaneni, founder and CEO of Safeteens Online tried a different approach. Vineeth conducted a comprehensive empirical study of teenager’s cybersecurity practices, their understanding of privacy, factors influencing their behaviors, social effects etc. Vineeth’s research spanned more than 400 students in 31 different school districts across the globe. One critical factor apart from the stigma effect is the low perceived value on security measures.


Safeteens Online a 501(c) (3) nonprofit has developed a platform based on the conclusions of the empirical study, factors that incorporate behaviors that will increase value perceptions of cybersecurity. The platform creates a collaborative environment among students and encourages contribution to digital content. The platform influences strong positive effects by creating an inclusive environment to adopt safe security practices. The Ambassador program helps spread the message in communities, academic institutions, and security conferences.


Over the last two years, SafeTeens worked on building partnerships with Dept. of Homeland Security, National Cybersecurity Alliance, and institutions including  Georgia Tech, and Mercer to enable research opportunities for students from across the globe. Safeteens continues to engage in advocating best practices, and influence corporations to make systems more social and inclusive.

What We Do

We are a peer to peer program for privacy and safety, where K-12 students have access to high school age ambassadors from many schools in the United States. The ambassadors are motivated high school students who are volunteering their time. Their goal is to ensure that students have the know-how on cyber security measures and associated risks, becoming motivated to adopt safe practices.


Cybersecurity research Factors impacting teenagers cybersecurity behaviors.


Knowledge tutorials – bite-sized content on cybersecurity topics

Innovation Hubs – foster ideas to action via connections


School campaigns – Afterschool clubs and monthly workshops

Annual education summits – Leadership recognition


Our Initiatives

Our mission at SafeTeensOnline is ongoing. SafeTeensOnline is founded on the belief in community involvement in effective for online awareness mission. When one is safe, we are all safe.