Ambassador Leaders

Vineeth Veeramachaneni


I am passionate about cybersecurity, and I believe computers can help create our dreams-- or destroy them.

Our world has become increasingly dependent on technology; some experts predict that by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things. Cars, planes, homes, cities, and even our pets are being connected. Technology is almost like our second family member, and I want to help protect it.

Through this initiative, you’ll find ways to protect yourself online. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, whether about cybersecurity or the future of technology.

Sindhu Yaramosu

The Pennigton School  Co-founder & Ambassador

I am proud to be a Co-Founder of this non-profit organization that was created to spread  knowledge among teenagers about safe online practices and cybersecurity behaviors. Through our peer to peer program we advocate and engage in the privacy and safety of students. The organization believes that community involvement is the most effective way for online awareness mission. We have developed partnerships with various school districts like Pennsbury School District to provide cyber security training to high school students to develop interest in technology and enhance career prospects. I want to protect young teens by being part of this movement for online safety and security. We are all online so often that sometimes we forget that there may be danger in our smart phones and laptops. Empowering our generation through safe online practices is our motto! 

My Website:

Natasha Ray

Princeton Day School, Princeton, NJ

My name is Natasha, and I am a sophomore at Princeton Day School (class of 2021). I enjoy learning about the scientific world and seeing how it interacts with our beliefs as people, so I am very interested in the field of bioethics. In my free time, I love to play the piano and have been performing in concerts for about nine years. During the school year, I am an active member of my school’s varsity fencing and varsity figure skating teams. I am a part of Safe Teens Online because I believe that the internet is prevalent in so many aspects of our lives, so it’s important to follow the right practices to stay safe online. Teenagers, such as myself, might underestimate the importance of safe online practices, but the repercussions of not doing so can be dangerous. For this reason, it is my goal to educate as many of my peers as possible about proper internet protocol. 

Jordan Sadan

J.P. Case Middle School, New Jersey

I am an eighth grader at J.P. Case Middle School in New Jersey and will graduate from high school in the year of 2022.  Currently, I am researching various emerging technologies in fields such as science, medicine, and art.  I use my research to create YouTube videos for my online series, “So, You Want to be A...” depicting what our generation needs to know if they want to be successful in pursuing their desired career. I personally am fascinated by medicine, engineering, and robotics. I hope to integrate these technologies in the future for my career.  I feel very strongly about educating our generation on staying safe online.  Understanding cyber security is vital for everyone and with Safe Teens Online, we are providing a more reliable internet experience for teens everywhere.


My website:

Adrian Chen

West-Windsor Plainsboro High School South, NJ

My name is Adrian and I am junior at  I’m a junior at West-Windsor Plainsboro High School South, and my hobbies include music and building stuff.

The reason I wanted to become an Ambassador to SafeTeensOnline was because safety on the internet is more important than ever before. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), net neutrality and internet theft can be extremely confusing to an adolescent getting on the internet for the first time. I think that this is where SafeTeens can help – and where I can help - by giving important information about these topics.

My website is

Arjun Ray

Princeton Day School, Princeton , NJ

I am a seventh grader at Princeton Day School (Clas of 2024). Outside of school I love filmmaking and video editing, and I am into web development. My other passions include the piano, which I have been playing for 7 years. I am also an avid chef, and use the internet to interact with people and blog on my website, The Exquisite Palate. I am proud to be an ambassador to help others my age become aware of impact of actions online, and safety measures for using technology.

My website-

Elizabeth Sjovold

Douglas Freeman High School , VA

My name is Elizabeth Sjovold and I am a  junior in the Leadership Center at Douglas Freeman High School , VA (class of 2020). I love biology, chemistry, and math and hope to have a future career in  either engineering or  medicine. I also run cross country and babysit in my spare time. I wanted to be a SafeTeensOnline ambassador because I know that many teens use the internet but often do not know all the risks that come with it. I love giving back to my community and I want to help teach others about how to stay safe online.

Anusha Srinivasan

Mira Loma High School, CA

I am from Mira Loma High School, CA. After seeing a presentation on cyber security and the issue of negligence when using technology, I became more aware of how prevalent the issue of safe online activity is in the teenage community.  Through SafeTeensOnline I hope to contribute to growing awareness of the issue and to be an active contributor to the solution.

Avanthi Lakshmi

Saddlebrook Preparatory School, FL

Avabthi lakshmi is a sophomore at saddlebrook tennis academy in Tampa Florida. Avanthi loves to play tennis and has been playing since she was 5. Her passion is to introduce kids to safe tennis and takes active part in maintaining tennis website for aspiring tennis players. She has joined safeteens in order to extend these ideas of online safety to tennis athletes.

Basel Awwad

Cairo School , Egypt

I’m originally from Cairo, Egypt and I love to fence and hope to Fence in college. But most of all I love how neuroscience can fit with my religion Islam. I am researching more about how my belief links to the brain and every time I do I find more stuff, such as how faith and religious thoughts affect the brain and how does it affect it for the better.

I want to study in college aspects of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI). This FMRI maps the brain and shows you which part of the brain is used for what. From my perspective, I don’t see any barriers between Islam and Neurology. They both can help us and hopefully will help me to a career in medicine or research (that’s my goal).

My website:

Amoolya Durbha

Morris County School of Technology, NJ

I am a 12th grader at Morris County School of Technology, Healthcare Sciences Division.     I aspire to be a doctor someday and am working towards it by taking college-level medical subjects at my school and volunteering at local hospitals. I am also an active volunteer for VTSeva, an organization to help educate underprivileged and blind children in India. Besides my academics, I love singing and am part of NJ Youth chorus and have sung in prestigious institutions like Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden and performed abroad as well.    The Internet is an integral part of the daily life of a teen, which they use to communicate, socialize and create. So it is of utmost    importance to be aware of the dangers of cyber life and also to spread awareness among others.    Through this platform of safeteensonline, I would like to learn to keep myself safe on the internet as well as spread awareness to others.

Anna Hansson

Hunterdon Central Regional School, NJ

My name is Anna and I will be graduating in the year 2022 from Hunterdon Central Regional High School. I hope to study architecture in college because of my love for art and creating. Over the summer, I attend multiple architecture camps in New York City. My favorite subject is math because I like to problem solve. I also have been playing basketball for six years and will continue playing throughout high school. For MIT Solve 2018, our group is creating a domed unit that will decrease acidification in our oceans. Currently, I am researching living architecture and how our world will benefit from it. After college, I hope to continue to create things that will better our earth.

My website:

Varshith Chekka

South Forsyth High School , Cummings , GA

I am currently a sophomore at South Forsyth high school (class of 2021) in Cumming, GA. I am highly interested in technology, specifically computer science and engineering. I have hobbies such as music, robotics, and other clubs. An interesting fact about me is that I have been to the VEX Robotics Worlds level which is the international level.

Yuvraj Hooda

Yuvraj profile photo for Safe TeensOnlin
Pennsbury High School, Fairless hills, PA

I am a senior at Pennsbury High School (class of 2019) in Fairless hills, PA. I enjoy reading, travelling and playing sports like basketball and tennis.  I believe that the internet is a great learning tool for our generation but like all tools it needs to be handled with care and awareness. Even a single minor error online can sometimes lead to long term and often far-reaching consequences.   I am associated with SafeTeens Online so that I can help spread the right information about appropriate and safe internet usage.  

Om Deshmukh

WWP High School , NJ

I’m a maker/builder/designer who is super crazy about fusing protocells, smart materials and robotics together to try to help better the good in the world.  I’m a freshman in WWP High School and I enjoy building DIY/Maker projects (Woodwork, Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), hiking and fencing. I’ve founded a Robotics club in my local community to teach kids about Robotics and familiarize them with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).  I love solving tough problems/challenges, and Cybercrime is one of them. Do you know that cybercriminals increasingly rely on uninformed youths to grant them access to sensitive data and applications? Come join us to fight the cyber security threats and educate the young generation about it.

My Website:

Sahas Gelli

Greenwood High International School, India 

I am a Junior at at Greenwood High International School in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am passionate about Anthrobotics and I LOVE Anime and Manga. We are quickly moving towards Artificial Intelligence but while some of us call this evolution I can't say the same. I am working towards creating a new robotic life form which will be able to not just mimic humans but will be able to become humans and become Mono no Aware. I am working on a Light Novel for MIT Solve where I am creating a story about a young scientist and new robotic life who are discovering, exploring and learning from each other. 

My Website is:

Simon Li

Princeton High School, NJ

I’m Simon Li, the graduating class of 2021 at Princeton High School in New Jersey. I’ve spent many hours, and hours, and hours, and even more hours practicing the piano. But I love music, so it’s not work. I’m also trying to understand how computer science can help environmental issues like the dead spots that are growing in the ocean. They just found another the size of Florida! I want to make these dead zones alive again. Computer science may hold the key to saving the planet; by programming a protocell that could add oxygen to the ocean. For online safety, I have my own experience of that. In China, there’s a very similar app to Facebook called Wechat. One neat function of Wechat is Wechat Pay, which allows people to send money online. But this wasn't so cool for me, and my experience was terrible, so I want to raise everyone’s awareness of online safety, so you won’t have to experience what I did.

Disha Karale

Kent Place High School, NJ

I am senior at Kent Place High school NJ. The interest can be used for homework, games, and connecting with people all over the world but in today's digital world, it's important to ensure the safety of our peers online. We must educate them on the safe practices of creating a positive digital footprint as the information we share online is permanent (regardless of whether you delete it or not!). As a teenager myself, I am eager to collaborate with other students to come up with ways to stay safe online.        

Vinay Rajgopal

Pearson Valley Middle School, Austin, TX

Vinay Rajgopal is an 8th grader from Pearson Valley Middle School in Austin, Texas.  Vinay recently graduated from UTPrep 1 Summer program from the University of Texas. He is a an avid sports enthusiast. He watches NFL and NBA and his favorite team is the Seattle Sea Hawks. Vinay plays all sports and loves hanging out with friends, and playing fortnight. 

Irene Feng

Stuart Country Day School

I’m a freshman at Stuart Country Day School (class of 2021) in Princeton, NJ. I have a lifelong passion for art and colors which contributes to a lot of what I am today. I’m currently preparing for an art exhibit which will show the Chinese architectures’ history, present, and future. This includes vertical farming and living architecture. Since many environmental problems like air pollution and global warming are getting worse, some actions have to be taken for us to continue to thrive on planet Earth. My website:

Taran Narayana

Jay M Robinson Middle School, Charlotte, NC

Taran narayana is a 7th grader in JAy m Robinson middle school Charlotte NC. Taran's passion is technology he likes to make videos on latest gadgets. He also enjoys website development and video editing. he joined SafeTeensOnline to  participate in the community to learn, share and spread safe browsing habits.

Sara Hansson

Hunterdon Central Regional High School, NJ

My name is Sara, and I will be graduating from Hunterdon Central Regional High School in 2019. I love music and biology and hope to include them in my future career. I have done multiple research projects, some at Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research and others through the Junior Academy ( For our MIT Solve project, we plan to lessen ocean acidification by creating a structure including a dome and pillars in the middle of the water.  In the future, I hope to make a change and continue doing what I love.

I want to become an Ambassador for SafeTeensOnline because many teens and kids use technology, but don’t know how to be safe when using it. I want to help my peers be secure online.


My website:

Jesse Cheng

WWPS High School, NJ

My name is Jesse Cheng and I’m currently a sophomore(class of 2021) at West Windsor-Plainsboro - High School South. I’m passionate about creating new biological sensors using nanotechnology, specifically in terms of diabetes. I enjoy learning about marine sciences and I want to help combat many environmental issues. My other interests include track & field, taekwondo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’ve joined as a safeteens ambassador in order to educate others about internet safety.

Allen Zhao

Princeton High School, NJ

I am Allen Zhao and a 9th grader at Princeton high school. I want to join Safe Teens Online because I want help with the innovation clubs, and also work on some of the privacy issues, like "privacy leaking" and explain it to our generation of people.

Alexis Harman

Pennsbury High School, PA

My name  is Lexi and I am 9th grader at Pennsbury high school. I believe in keeping the internet safe for teens and young adults.  Kids today aren't educated enough of all the dangers that are on line and they may think they know what danger is out there but they aren't as informed as they should be.  Too many things can happen on line with the growing technology and social media but they all think it could never happen to them.  There needs to be a greater awareness presented in a way that they can relate to.  I want to help others be able to help themselves.

Preethi Rajgopal

McNeil High School, Austin, Tx

Preethi Rajgopal is a rising high school Senior from McNeil High School, Austin, Texas. She has been working on UN SDG 4,5, and 17 in an effort to bring gender equality with better quality education and encouraging partnerships to help education networks flourish, through her non-profit STEM Innovators. She has worked on start-up companies with the goal of helping people being the first priority.

Currently, Preethi has partnered with a few non-profit education startups to help offer quality education to marginalized populations, with an emphasis on empowering women and young girls.She has also joined the city’s Youth Council, in efforts of working on city-wide level to implement positive changes in the world of education.

In her spare time, Preethi enjoys reading, writing, debating real world problems and mentoring social impact oriented startup companies.