SafeTeensOnline ambassadors continued to deploy monthly awareness campaigns and foster engagement across various schools.



Deployed themed, monthly awareness campaigns in SafeTeensOnline social media channels and  publications such as How to Videos, Security Bulletin, and Twitter posts.


Conducted cybersecurity workshops at various schools.

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Featured topics

1) Password Safety

2) Phishing and Reporting

3) Proper Email Use

4) Social media privacy

5) Identity Theft

6) Privacy policies

7) Two factor authentication

8) Mobile usage and sleep


Hosted annual SafeTeensOnline National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Expo and Fair, including a booth with cybersecurity educational materials

Developed ambassador network (SafeTeensOnline ambassador program) to empower teenagers to share cybersecurity best practices



Disseminated campaigns to students across 32 schools in US to increase awareness of cybersecurity topics

Recruited SafeTeensOnline ambassadors from 9 states to grow program outreach inthe-field

100+ tutorials of bite-sized content with a reach of 10K+ teenagers by SafeTeensOnline ambassadors on various cybersecurity topics.