SafeTeensOnline is founded on the belief in community involvement and support to navigate the changes and potential dangers involved online.


1. How to become a SafeTeensOnline Ambassador? 

The ambassadors are backbone to our successes. Our Ambassadors are motivated high-school students who care about their online safety and are motivated to spread the knowledge to their peers and community.Please complete the survey along with parent/guardian and you will be part of the amazing community of like-minded peers.

2. How will students' online safety be managed?

The access to the application is credentialed individually, with a secure log-in and password. The application itself is hosted on a secure server, which uses encryption methodologies and HTTPS web protection. HTTPS ensures that access to the application is encrypted using SSL protocol. However please remember that parents and guardians take responsibility for K-8 learners' online safety by monitoring their online activity. No technical oversight is as secure as personal oversight.

3. Is SafeTeensOnline only for students from public schools?

No, it is open to students from all interested schools.

4. Will private schools or charter schools' families be charged a fee?

No. Any student who registers for the program will be offered the services for free.

5. How will students be able to access SafeTeensOnline?

Please submit your inquiry via for more information on a specific question. All the content is managed by supervisor to SafeTeensOnline organization.

6. Can I refer someone to sign up for this?

Definitely! Word of mouth is a great way for a community to be involved with SafeTeensOnline. All you have to do is refer them to our website and to our Contact Us page where they can get in touch with us and someone from SafeTeensOnline will contact them.



7. Will I get leadership/service hours from my work with SafeTeensOnline? 

Yes, you will receive leadership/service hours. And even more, all Ambassadors will have their bio and personal web site posted on SafeTeensOnline website, recognized at Safe teen’s events and projected on various initiatives. SafeTeensOnline, Inc is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization. IRS# 82-4145623 and any volunteer/leadership hours can be considered for school credit.