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SafeTeensOnline Survey on factors impacting teenagers online behaviors

To understand teen's online behavior and cyber security awareness initiatives at various schools SafeTeensOnline ambassadors conducted an online survey .

400 students from 31 different schools participated in the above survey. Survey demographics are equally represented by male and female students, and 69% of respondents mentioned they spend more than four hours daily online. 90% of students use e-mail, texting and social media to communicate with their friends. 70% of respondents mentioned they received awareness training on cyberbullying, passwords, and social media privacy. Less than 10% responded that they have knowledge on identity theft, recovering from an online attack, antivirus settings, etc. There is the equal percentage on learning from teacher, peer or online sources and more than 50% are ok to include cybersecurity how to be as part of their curriculum. Most of them mentioned they are indifferent towards cybersecurity topics as its too confusing.

Source: SafeTeensOnline Survey conducted from Apr to Aug of 2017 and total 225 students (ages 9 to 19) from 31 schools participated