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SafeTeensOnline "How to Video Series" about device safety in English and Chinese

As part of SafeTeensOnline "How to Video Series" initiative one of our ambassadors Irene Feng created video tutorial in both English and Chinese on device security while away. Irene is a freshman at Stuart Country Day School which is in Princeton. In her own words Irene said the reason for joining SafeTeensOnline mission is " Since so many people use and rely on the Internet to learn, chat, or have fun, they should also gain the knowledge of some online danger and how to prevent or deal with it".

In addition to supporting SafeTeensOnline mission, Irene is passionate about art and colors and is currently preparing for an art exhibit which will show the history of Chinese architecture, past present, and future. This includes vertical farming, and living architecture. Since many environmental problems like air pollution and global warming are getting worse, some positive actions must be taken so that we can thrive on planet Earth. She hopes to do something to add to this positive impact with her art —so she decided to introduce this new way of living through image for her generations to see, to think, and to build with nature instead of against it. You can learn more about Irene at her website at