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SafeTeensOnline "How to video" about App updates in English and Arabic

SafeTeensOnline ambassador Basel Awwad talks about the importance of App updates for protecting ones online safety. In the video Basel demonstrates that all teenagers follow safe online practices the same way as wearing a fencing mask during a fencing practice. He demonstrated on how to update the apps on each device in both English and Arabic.

Basel is originally from Cairo, Egypt and love to fence and hope to fence in college. But most of all he is passionate about how neuroscience can fit with his religion Islam. His research is to understand if faith can impact functioning of brain and in college he want to study aspects of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI). This FMRI maps the brain and shows which part of the brain is used for what. In his words "From my perspective I don’t see any barriers between Islam and Neurology. They both can help us, and hopefully will help me to a career in medicine or research"