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Privacy Policy Awareness Workshop

In recent testimony, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained how Cambridge Analytica was able to misuse tens of millions of social media company Facebook users without their knowledge. This raised debate on the importance of privacy policy and why consumers must pay attention to how technology companies are treating their personal information.

In addition to that Today a new EU privacy regulation—GDPR—came into effect. Some of the critical requirements are - • Organizations have to obtain users’ explicit permission and provide extensive detail of how their information will be used for marketing or advertising.• The organizations have to let users review the data they’ve collected and delete when they want.• The organizations must allow users to download their data in a format for further review.• Users should be able to challenge the automated algorithmic decisions that affect them significantly and request a mandatory manual review of the decision.

To raise awareness on the importance of Online Privacy and what goes into Online Privacy Policies SafeTeensOnline ambassadors conducted workshop on May12th at Princeton, NJ.