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SafeTeensOnline is Guide Star Bronze member

SafeTeensOnline received Guide Star’s bronze membership status. Guidestar is one of the first central sources of information on U.S. nonprofits and is the world's largest source of information about nonprofit organizations. Through this, we are connected to various opportunities provided by leading firms.

The world is changing hour by hour and day by day. Already there is an explosion of internet connected devices. Robotics and machines using artificial intelligence will soon be part of your world. Cyber threats are bound to grow, and a healthy habit of cyber awareness at a young age will go a long way to make young people ready for the upcoming challenges in the future. We at SafeTeensOnline believe that that engagement and exposure to technology, informational videos, workshops, and presentations will help our generation understand how the technology can work for us and not against us.

Our Ambassadors are provided platforms to engage and share their knowledge with their peers. As an Ambassador; we are shaping the future of our generation first by helping raise awareness for internet safety, and then by helping create a network of 'linked clubs where students brainstorm STEAM INNOVATION with some of the most creative students in the world -- students who are already supporting our cause.